Hi Readers

I wanted to give you all an update on the release of “Teatime.” I just sent an email to my consultant at Reader’s Magnet about it. He will get back to me later this afternoon, I’m sure. He is usually good about answering his email.

I am publishing Teatime in a hard cover edition. Of course, they will be a little higher in price. The Library of Congress has guidelines by which books are priced. Their guidelines set the price at $25.68 per copy. I have asked the production team at Reader’s Magnet to lower that to $24.95 per copy. They are checking to see if that is permissible. Once that is done, they will go to finalization and the book will be released. I am expecting that to be around the middle of August.

If you would like a hard copy edition of Teatime, please let me know. I will arrange to have it shipped to me first and I will autograph it for you. I will also date the autograph and place a number beside the autograph to indicate sequential order. This will make a hard cover even more valuable as a collector’s item.

I have no delusions about it. I know that I am an unknown writer. As such I do not expect to be on the New York Times best seller list. I am just wanting to sell a few books. My goal is not to be rich and famous. My goal is to bring a smile to a face or in the case of those who love horror, my goal is to shock and to thrill. I am a writer. I do not write because I expect the public to swoon over my books. I write to entertain. I promise that you will be entertained when reading Teatime. It has something for everybody and Reader’s Magnet made it all possible. Kudos to them!

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