My publisher is looking for new talent. My consultant there is Mario Gonzaga. His email address is [email protected] Reader’s Magnet is a new company and yes, one discontented client sued them. They will tell you upfront that this was so. In my experience, they have been very honest and above board. They have delivered on every promise. Do Not Be Deceived. Reader’s Magnet will not promise to make you rich and famous. What they will promise and deliver is a fair price for publishing your book. I have dealt with Reader’s Magnet for nearly a year. Never once have they promised me a huge number of sales. They have bent over backwards however, to market my brand and build my brand. They promised a web site and delivered on it. They promised that I would be a panelist for their Festival of Storytellers in May and I was a panelist. They promised me a virtual booth at the Festival of Storytellers and to do their best to drive traffic to that booth. They delivered and I made a few sales. They will deliver the most bang for your buck. Their stater package is the iron package at $895.00. It is worth every penny.

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