About the Author

My name is Chris Breva. I have been a writer since I was in junior high school. My favorite form of writing is old-fashion rhyme poetry. I like the simplicity of old-fashion rhyme. I like all poetry, but old-fashioned rhyme is my favorite. I also like short stories and other genres of writing.

I was born in Parkersburg, WV on Friday, June 9, 1961, which makes me 59 years old at this writing. I grew up in neighboring St. Mary’s, WV on a farm so far out in the country that God pumped in sunshine. Our nearest neighbor was a quarter of a mile away. It was a 198-acre farm, and I knew every inch of it. I explored every inch of it over the seventeen years I lived there.

As an adult, I served a short time in the US Army. I received an honorable discharge and sort of deteriorated for a long time after that. I suffered from bipolar disorder and the results of a head injury sustained at some point in my life, and I had periods of time when I went through bouts of depression. I became addicted to drugs and that kept me down for a long period of time. Today, February 9, 2021, is my clean date anniversary. I have been clean for 12 years today.

The real turnaround in my life has been my faith. I have been a Christian most of my adult life. I have not always been a practicing Christian, however. I became a practicing Christian in 2012. Faith got me through the sudden death of my wife in 2014 and both my parents and brother in 2015-16. I moved to the West Virginia Veterans Home in 2017 and have lived here since.

Shortly after arriving here, I became a soldier in the Salvation Army and am now the Community Care Ministries Secretary and Adult Sunday School teacher for my corps. I am also the chaplain here at the West Virginia Veterans Home. I recently received my West Virginia Board of Alcohol and Addiction Prevention Professionals certification as a peer recovery support specialist and am currently working toward national certification. I also received my Regent Bachelor of Arts degree from Marshall University in Huntington, WV in 2019 and am now working toward a second Bachelor in Divinity from Christian Leaders Institute in Spring Lake MI, as well as a Master of Divinity from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA where I currently have a 3.92 GPA. I hope you enjoy my new book.

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