A collection of short stories, essays and other writings

Chris Breva

Teatime is a collection of stories to share with the family. Teatime contains something for everybody. It has horror to shock the hardened reader. It has comedy to tickle your funny bone. There is fantasy for those who want to escape into a different world. There are poems for those who prefer a quick, easy read. It also has a variety of faith-building Christian writings and other essays.

Teatime is a book you can curl up with and drink a cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. The stories are generally short so you can finish one and lay it aside in one sitting. It makes a good book to read just before bedtime and to use to tuck in a child. These stories were written over a five-year period and cover a wide range of topics. Some have won awards in various genres.

About the Author

Chris Breva has been a storyteller and poet since junior high school. His love of words started in first grade with the realization that the letters “g” and “o” spell the word “go” and he has been going since. His classmates traded his stories and passed them around like trading cards. In the fourth grade, he was introduced to Robert Frost and a love for poetry began that has lasted a lifetime. Chris has been writing stories and poetry for forty-five years and will continue to do so as long as he lives.

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